The story of teaglass

We are drinkware designers from Philadelphia. Besides for the famous Philly cheesesteak, Philadelphia is also known for its thriving culture of glassblowing artisans and makers. 

Coming from an Argentine background, we were excited to see the surging popularity of yerba mate in the United States. However, traditional gourds and metal straws are impractical and make it difficult to enjoy the authentic tea. As a result, you can find canned or bottled variations of the tea at almost every convenience store now. While they do taste good, these sugary flavored beverages are not a genuine representation. 

As drinkware designers with a passion for glassware, it became obvious that we could create a product to help mate drinkers discover authentic yerba mate in a way that is more accessible and less intimidating.

Many long nights were spent sketching and prototyping ideas to bring you a product that is true to the yerba mate tea and brewing process. Furthermore, we are excited that using this teacup with other loose leaf teas, brings a new unique bold flavor to blends you already love. 

Whether you are a beginner mate drinker, or a seasoned veteran, we hope the Teaglass will open a new world of tea consumption for you.