Frequently asked questions

Why am i getting tea particulant in my mouth?

Some mate or tea blends have finer particles that may pull through the filter. This is completely normal, and happens with traditional metal straws as well, only difference is that now it's visible! To prevent this, prepare your cup by filling with dry tea, wet your hand, and cover the top while you shake it. You'll find some powder and finer material stuck to your hand. Start pouring water over your tea, after a few pours, the tea will settle and act as a natural filter, and the tea will come through completely clean.

Pro tip: The more tea you use, the less it will get pulled through the filter. The tea should be saturated with hot water, but not floating.

What kinds of teas can i use in the teaglass?

The Teaglass is designed for yerba mate, but can be used with any loose leaf tea. We do not recommend using tea from inside a teabag because the leaves have been ground extremely fine and will pull through the filter. This unique method of tea preparation gives a large tea to water ratio (compared to a traditional teapot), and results in a full, strong, and robust flavor. 

how many times can i pour water over my tea?

As many times as you want! You can expect about 10-20 refills (depending on the tea) before it begins to loose flavor and get weaker. 

How much tea should i put in the teaglass?

Depending on what tea you use, and what your preference is, about 1/3-2/3 full.

If you do not use enough tea, it will float when you pour water in, causing some to get sucked through the filter. Don’t be afraid to fill it up!